I'm back.... I think

So I have been hiding from the blogging world. Actually I have been checking out your blogs but have avoided posting on my own. Why? Well besides the fact my life has been spinning slightly out of control for a bit, once I got behind posting it has been hard to get caught up. There would be days when I would sit down then realize that to catch up I would be here for days on end trying to write witty things to match up with something that happened a month ago. So I have put that behind me and am ready to start anew. I will probably tell you some fun experiences that happened through the holidays, or maybe not, but I vow not to feel guilty about it any more. If I just pick up from here, I am a good mother, a fine person and worthy to hold this place in the blogging world.

Whew! That feels good to get that off my shoulders. Just making this first post in months has given me a new outlook on life. Like spring cleaning. I have been traveling the blogging world trying to realize the vision of mine and have some great things I want to share. So check back if you are interested, and if not, know that I love you anyways.

How do you like my new setup? Still not loving the header but I have it saved in photoshop and will be tweaking it.

Thanks for sticking around and having faith in me.


The Butler Bunch said...

I love your blog. How did you do that? I just always change it up using the same old site. But I really like how yours is so personal. I'm glad that you are posting again. Don't worry about catching up. Just go from here. Life gets crazy. Oh, and how is your missionary??

sciencegirl said...

Hi, it's great to hear from you again! It's true, it's easy to get caught up in blogging all the time, not missing any event, trying to be on stage every day or two. But that doesn't matter. As a reader, I'm much happier with occassional quality posts than every day even if there's nothing to say or it's too crazy to say it all.
Happy to read what you have time to post!

Thomas Family said...

To: The Butler Bunch - thank you for being so nice. My daughter and I get a kick out of checking out your blog and what your family is up to. Our missionary is doing great. We love hearing from him because he is so enthusiastic about what he is doing and you can see such growth. As far as the blog setup - I did it in photoshop. On "The Cutest Blog on the Block" under "Blog Secrets" she tells you how to make your own background. As far as the header - I just open a transparent 7 X 3ish new box and start filling it in with stuff. I would be happy to either make you one or help you. It is kind of fun and very creatively enjoyable.

Thomas Family said...

To: Science Girl - I am not only flattered that follow my blog, but also that you were willing to stick out my absence. Blogging has been an enjoyable outlet to me, between all the craziness of life, and a way to express my opinion and creativity. I told my son it is kind of funny, I thought most of the stuff I posted went unnoticed and it was just me rambling to myself. But I have had people come up to me and ask when I was going to post again. I guess I need to watch what I write so I don't humilate myself to much. Thank you for posting :)