Halloween was kind of a happy and sad occasion. I had fun with the kids that were still at home but I really missed my two boys. We lost both of them basically at the same time. Blain left on his mission in May and Coty went to college the end of August. And then of course Mark went hunting with his dad Halloween morning. So I was flying solo. I tried to convince my 13 year old how much fun it would be to come with me and take her 6 year old sister trick or treating, but it was a no go.
So here are a few pictures of our Halloween evening. And know that I am very happy that it didn't rain and was actually quit pleasant weather.

Sidney's class "harvest" party.

Wearing vampire teeth with a friend. Sidney tried eating a chocolate cookie with these teeth to see how they worked. Uhmm the didn't. Just in case someone else was wondering.

Trick-or-treating downtown Enumclaw. I highly recommend this. It starts at 5pm and all the businesses hand out candy. It was very festive. Especially for a lonely mom and daughter.

We even ran into more than a couple of cute dressed up dogs.

We hit a couple of houses on the way home. As well as visting both Grandma's and Grandpas house. It was actually a very fun evening and my bride daughter was a lot of fun. Next year...she wants to be a cheerleader!

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