Pumpkin Carving

After several failed attempts to get our pumpkins, we finally did it. Then it took us a few more nights to finally find time to carve. I loved the fact that when I talked to Coty earlier in the day and told him we were carving pumpkins he said he really wished that he was here. Especially since the other parties in our group were a little less than enthusiastic.

Here is everyone in action. Mark is once again helping Sidney, which is the tradition. I help clean her pumpkin out and her dad helps her carve. We make a great team.

Here are the finished products. I am especially proud of my pumpkin eating pumpkin idea (one I stole off the internet). Mark got off with a sharpie on the white one. The fact he fell asleep twice at the table while trying to think of his idea gave him the shoe in to cheat this year. But next year he promises greatness! The cat one was Sidney and Courtney did a cool one where when lite it shined BOO on the back wall.

Here is an up close shot of my amazing masterpiece. When the UPS guy dropped off some stuff for Mark's cows, he had to take a picture because they were going to carve theirs that night and wanted to do one like mine.

And even though he is aaaallllll the way over in Idaho at college, Coty came through with this pumpkin that he carved at my sisters house. Thanks Wendi for posting it on the butlerbunch blog.


Steff said...

Sweet! I am totally stealing your idea for next year for our 4th annual pumpkin carving contest. That pumpkin is awesome! I'm totally going to win this one! (I haven't won one yet) :(

Austin said...

OK, I do believe that the pumpkin eating the little pumpkin is the best one I think I've ever seen. Very clever. Love it!