Life getting in the way of "Life"

Every day I tell myself I am going to post something on my blog. Then another day goes by and it seems like I either didn't have time or what in the heck do I post that isn't, "guess what dish soap I tried" or "holy smokes, I have 2 loads of laundry on my couches to be folded" or even "I think the new dog food is giving Lucky gas". I always love what my sister Steff said, "I have been put here to make others feel better about themselves". Seems like it has been one of those weeks. Always behind on something. And for me, the further behind I get, the more I like to pretend I am not behind. So low and behold I have made a catchup list. Don't tell my husband, because he is the king of list makers and I just roll my eyes when he does this. I think it is because when we are being a little testy with each other he will say something like "let's sit down and make a list of what we can do to make things better". Yeah I know it works, but us non-organized people don't want to admit that.

I would post my list but then you would know how far behind I have really gotten in some things. Lets just say some of my more ambitious projects are

paint Courtney's room (have had the paint for a couple of months)
repack Blain's clothes (since Coty stole his containers for college)
take halloween off front porch (pumpkin is molding)
spot clean walls and carpets
refinish side door (need to find handsander)

And the list goes on and on.

But on the fun side, Courtney had her piano recital and did a great job. I would post pictures but I have to live with her and I know she would catch me. I can't believe how much she has improved this past year. She is really challenging herself with harder songs. It makes those years where I nearly had to drag her to the piano worth it. Especially when she says thanks for making her take lessons. She not only has the ability to play a bit tougher songs, but she has a feel for the piano. You know the difference, when someone sits down and pounds out a piece and someone who plays and makes you pause as you listen. I love listening to her play.

Since we are talking about piano, can I share one of my all time favorite pianist to you. I saw him at women's conference a few years ago and was completely blown away by his music. I of course went out and bought his CD, called within, which or course all my kids now listen to. He just came out with his new CD called beyond. I also love the fact he is LDS. They had a write up about him in the New Era which you can read here.

Here is a you tube video of him (not great quality) of him playing.

This one is he plays upside down.

Go youtube him "william joseph piano" to see other video posted of him.

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