Why is my daughter so annoying?

So I sit here trying to download some digital scrapbooking pages and my 13 year old daughter is hassleing me about buying her this...

She has offered me all sorts of crazy compensations if I will purchase her this "I gotta have it" t-shirt. You have to know that she is a Harry Potter freak. I mean freak in the most loving motherly manner. She gets disgusted if you don't know what the difindeo spell is and how it is used. She knows all the spells, what they are used for and when they were used in the book. Not to mention the most minut details of what who was doing in what book when such and such happened. She walks around muttering under her breath what a raw deal it is that we don't have magic and asks me crazy questions like "don't you think that some books could really be true?".

So my compromise to her, if she can get a tear to run down her cheek and fall off her chin, I will buy her the shirt. She is now walking around with watery eyes, jumping up and down trying to get a lone mascara streaked tear to drop off her freckled cheek. If nothing else, it is worth the amusement. She is being very quiet. Maybe she is cheating by adding water to her tear matter. What a cheater!

Hah! Her tear tried up and now she has to start over. I love being a mother :)

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The Butler Bunch said...

Ahhh...a girl after my own heart. We love Harry Potter too. And I'm with her, it would be cool if magic were real. My Colten (who is now serving a mission in Mexico) actually got into a door because of his love of Harry Potter. He saw a picture of Harry hanging in this man's garage (who had just told them to get lost). Colten mentioned that he liked Harry Potter too. The man started to cry, and told him that his son, who was just killed in a car accident, love Harry Potter too. That lead to a lesson about how families can be together forever.
So lets hear it for Harry Potter.
My daughter does the same thing about shirts. Only I get "wish lists" from her - very considerate of her dontcha think. Teenagers are such a treat.