All Star Basketball on the brain...

Shaq and Kobe share MVP from All Star game

We have been a little basketball on the brain during the All Star game, skills test, 3 point shoot out etc. that has been happening in Pheonix. We got a kick out of Sidney as she was asking Coty who his favorite player was on the way home from church. I don't remember his response, but after he answered she asked him if he knew who her favorite player was. He said he didn't. She then told us her favorite basketball player was "defense". She had heard it yelled in the games as we were watching different teams over the last little bit, that she thought there must be a guy named "defense" that everyone was cheering for.

Coty thought that would be funny when she was playing for the WNBA and they asked him, her older brother, when she started liking basketball and he could tell them she has always loved defense. Makes you realize how much your kids watch your every move, so be careful.

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