Be Thou and Example...

As I was scouring the internet looking for fun craft projects, or anything that caught my eye, I found these really cute blocks that show the YW theme for this year and on the backside the 3 challenges from the YW General Presidency. They are quick and inexpensive to make.

My husband had gotten some leftover 2X4's from my brother-in-laws house that he is building, so I cut them 4" tall and sanded them smooth. I then painted them and sanded the edges. I downloaded the template for the circles from the website I found the idea on, Crafting Chicks. Click on the two lower pictures (front and back) and it will take you to a place where you can download it. She recommended printing in off on photo paper. I printed mine in cardstock and sprayed it with a sealer so it wouldn't smear while modge podging them onto the blocks. My printer didn't do the best job, so you might want to spend a little extra and get them done at a professional printing place. Play with it. Then of course, like I said, modge podge them on the front and back of your blocks.

I would have shown you a picture of mine, but I gave them away to your YW presidency for an example if they wanted to try it. So I pilfered a picture from Crafting Chicks. I will make some more and replace hers with mine when I get them done. Crafting Chicks also has the directions on how she made them... So go take a looksie.

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