Alternative Fridge Front...

When we were building our house, I knew that I wanted a bigger fridge than the standard size. With two teenage boys, you realize they can go through at least one shelf worth of food in one sitting. So stocking up is a necessity. I also knew that the fridge side would have to big enough to hold a pizza box, not that you have leftover pizze with teenage boys, but it is better to be prepared.

So we went around looking for the fridge we wanted that also fit in our budget. We chose the Kitchenaid Side by Side that was 48" wide. We then discovered that it doesn't come with a fridge front. You can either purchase something that matches your cabinets or pick one of Kitchenaid's fronts for an additional price. I kind of wanted to one that matched my cabinets, but for an additional $500 I just couldn't stomach it. The ones from Kitchenaid were running $200-300. Again, I am a cheapskate and so after some soul searching, my husband and I came up with our own solution.

We got some sheetmetal, painted it with chalkboard paint and then installed it like you would any other fridge covering. We don't really use any chalk on it, but we love the fact it is magnetic and when it starts looking a little worn, we just remove it and give it another coating of chalkboard paint.

I would love to have a clean, not clutter fridge front, but when you have kids, it is just an obvious place for announcements, school projects and school schedules. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the things found on their fridge. What does ours say? Workout schedule shows that I really do think about working out, even if I don't make there as often as I would like. Empty things to do list either means I am all caught up, or more likely that I am not a list maker like my husband.

School craft project shows that we enjoy and encourage creativity. Lolo Jones picture is from my teenage daughter who is an aspiring runner. Letters hapazardly placed all over is a demonstration that we are working at making words and the "Courtney Rocks" only a few days ago said "Courtneys Jerk" shows that my 6 year old can spell big words and demonstrate her feelings, which her teenager sisters loves!

I love me fridge front, not because it saved me several hundred dollars, but it is easy to clean up (stainless is a bugger to keep clean) and it gives us so many options for displaying who we are as a family.

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