I am furious...

I was trying to organize my posts with labels and hapazardly deleted some of the older posts. One of course being Coty and his mission call with the list of where people thought he would go. So... I have some of those in my email, but if you listed your choice in the comments section, would you mind sending it to me again. I am really mad at myself right now, but I guess this is one of those wonderful opportunities to learn from your mistakes. Either that or I need a nice big punching bag for Mothers Day.

This has made me realize why God doesn't give us a delete button in life. I can just see my husband coming home from work and asking, "where are the children?" I then respond with a stricken look on my face, "I accidently deleted them". I would think at least we might get a warning before we proceed. You all have to admit though, there are days when even that might not stop you from hitting "YES".

I will try and repost the things I deleted. Right now I just want to eat a handful of Fritos and pretend all is right in the world.


kthom said...

Make sure you dip the fritos in really cheesy/beany/ yummy dip...doesn't that sound delish?!

Kristin said...

My guess ....Japan