Post It notebooks...

A friend gave me one of these and I though they were so cute, I had to make some myself.

First take some cardstock scrapbook paper that has printing on two sides. That way when you open it up it will look just as cute on the inside as the outside.

Next cut a piece of paper 8" X 3 1/4".

You now want to lightly score with an exacto knife the outside of the scrapbook paper where it will fold. This will ensure a neat fold exactly where you want it to.
I just gently run my exacto knife across the top of the paper with very little pressure. You want it to barely break the skin of the paper. On my first one I cut to deep, so it might take a little practice. You want to score 1" from the edge, then 1 3/8", then 4 1/2" and 4 7/8".

Fold where you scored it so it looks like this...

Cut out a piece of contrasting scrapbook paper 8" X 3/4" and double stick tape (or adhere with your favorite adhesive) across the outside across the middle.

Take a post it pad and put double stick tape on the back (to hold it securely), center on your pad cover and push it down so it stays.

Remove a set of hook and loop tape (cut into circles) like this package.

Put the loop circle (fuzzy one) on the inside of the 1" piece and the hook circle (the rough one) on the outside of the bigger end.

Then embellish any way you want. I just made my daughters initial in word, printed it out on white cardstock, cut it out and double stick tapped it on the outside. But with all the cute scrapbooking embellishments out there, your imagination is your only limit.

Hope you have fun making these. They go together pretty quick and you can buy the post it pads in bulk at Costco, so they are fairly inexpensive.


Elisabeth said...

Hey...I am thinking Craft for girls camp!!!!

Mark & Lorri said...

Hah! Actually I didn't even think of that. Guess your have girls camp on the brain. I am still working on leadership training this weekend and our upcoming broadcast and recognition dinner. We need to set up to meet sometime so you can share all your brilliant ideas with me :)

Kristin said...

I'm glad your back, I have really missed your words of wisdom, farming stories, discounts on Slurpees etc., and now cute crafts you are the queen of blogging and we all look up to you!

Amy said...

Cute idea...looks easy too. Thanks for sharing exact measurements!

Mark & Lorri said...

Kristin - thank you for the warm welcome back. I have a bunch of stuff I want to post, where does the time go?
Amy - glad you like the idea. They were very easy and a lot of fun. Loved mine when my friend gave it to me, thats why I had to learn to make them.