I want that....

I am not a decorator. I don't profess to be one, and if you look at my house, that will become blatantly obvioius. But I do know something I like when I find it, and I found it.

This is looking up at our loft from the family room. If you look real close, you can see the top of rockband drums and the drummers chair. Not part of my decorating scheme, but definitely a necessity when you have teenagers. Oh yea, and the buffalo skin rug, a necessity when married to my husband. We use it when the power goes out to keep ourselves warm. Not really, but I didn't want to get hate comments from animal rights organizations. We could though, it is an option we might explore at some later date.

Back to my decorating. Once you get upstairs, we have this lovely leather couch which we purchased as a newly married couple. That would be 22 years ago? It has been through baby spitup, 2 episodes of sharpie scribbling, lots of snuggling and two boys doing gymnastics on a rainy day.

It sits a little low to the ground, but I am to cheap to replace it and hubby is to busy to put legs on it. To your right you will see the great investment we made in an air hockey table for Christmas. Played approximately 2 hours by our kids and 3 hours by neighbor kids. I would get rid of it but my husband insists he wants to keep it. It wouldn't be because he would have to haul it down these would it?

So it is here to stay. Now put on your magic imagination hat. Wouldn't this be cool behind my couch. I love my Bev Doolittle and will find another place for her. I will also not be building the bookcases due to the fact on the opposite side of the room we already have a huge bookcase with a TV (for rockband) in the middle of it. But I do want the HUGE map (my teenage daughter would love that) and the clocks showing different time zones. I could even set several clocks to show the time of where my two sons are serving their missions.

I saw this on Joys of Homeblog and hope she doesn't mind me "borrowing" it. My walls are boring and need a little fun and spicing up. Now I just need some extra time and to find a large map for a good price. Hmmmm

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