Magazine deal...

I am usually not a magazine subsciption kind of gal. Mostly due to the fact it is one more thing I have to sort and throw out. But when I find a really good deal, there are a few I enjoy getting in the mail. My favorites are (not in order mind you)...

Real Simple
Everyday with Rachael Ray
Family Fun (even though my kids are getting older)

Not all of these are included in the magazine deal, but there are some that I haven't mentioned above. I double checked this company and it got really good reviews. You can also choose to add this on as a renewal so it will add your new purchase on the end when your subscription runs out.

Go to deekins.com , do a search for the magazine you want and choose renewal or new subsciption. Go to checkout and towards the bottom of your screen, there is a coupon code box. Enter the coupon code and it will take off the discount. Then finish purchasing. You will need to do each subscription separately because it will only allow one discount at a time.

Here are the best deals right now...

Family Fun
Cover Price: $29.90
Coupon Price: $3.99
Coupon Code: BLBFFM

Jack and Jill

Cover Price: $26.00
Coupon Price: $7.49
Coupon Code: BLBJAJ

National Geographic Kids
Cover Price: $35.40
Coupon Price: $12.99
Coupon Code: BLBNGK

Cover Price: $24.00
Coupon Price: $6.99
Coupon Code: BLBTUM

Humpty Dumpty’s
Cover Price: $26.00
Coupon Price: $6.99
Coupon Code: BLBHDM

Cover Price: $35.88
Coupon Price: $1.49
Coupon Code: BSXSHP

Family Circkle
Cover Price: $23.40
Coupon Price: 3.99
Coupon Code: BSCFCM


Steff said...

YOU are my HERO. I've been watching for a good deal on Family Circle for a long time now. It is on my top favorites list. I always look at the cover in the grocery checkout line and feel sad that I don't get it anymore. (subscription ran out about 6 months ago) No more sadness for me. Really, this is going to solve all my life problems...and I owe it all to you. ;)

CHarris said...

I tried ordering the Family Circle and the coupon code was invalid. Steff, did it work for you? Also, Lorri, where did you get these codes? I was just wondering if they had a deal on Taste of Home. My subscription is about to run out and wondered if I could get a good deal on it! Thanks!!