Sephora Makeover...

I have been homebound with a sick 6 year old for the last week. Normally I would take this all in stride, but of all my children, she is slightly more difficult when sick. Ever since she was little, she has always needed to be hugged, told what a great job she is doing, snuggled and so on. This increases tremendously when she becomes sick. She also stopped napping after the age of 18 months and even while sick won't fall asleep. We have been up and down through the last 4 nights with no break in the day to get a little cat nap. I am exhausted. I feel like crude, look like crude, my house is cruddy because most of my time is spent taking care of Sid. Poor Courtney forgot her registration packet for classes next year, I told her to wait for me out front because I had not energy to change out of my pjs, fix my hair and look fresh enough to go into the office to drop it off. That sums up my state of mind right now (so please don't drop in for a visit :).

Sid has that nasty cough and cold/flu thing going on and even though she needs her drink freshened periodically, feet rubbed, hand held, bed on the couch fixed, special popscicles, soft things for her throat, she really is being a trooper and I do feel bad for her.
So feeling the way that I do, I saw this and thought, man oh man, I could really use this. A few hours out to get smartened up and remember what it felt like not to be cleaning up used kleenex and walk around bleary eyed. But since I will not be able to go. I really want you to go for me, then come back and comment on what I lovely time you had. Please, please let me live my life vicariously through you for a few days until I get over this bump in my road of life.

It is called "The Naturally Gorgeous Event" at Sephora and is only ONE day, March 21st. In other words TOMORROW. There is a Sephora in Westfield/Southcenter mall in Tukwila. Print off the coupon below for a free makeover and you will also receive 8 free samples when you are done. I have never purchased anything at Sephora, but have peeked in there and it looks like fun.


So go have fun! But don't forget to come back and share with me. I am now going to go take a bath, shave my legs and try to remember what it felt like to be human again.

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Thomas family said...

I hope your little princess is feeling better really soon!