Which team are you on?

I am in fixing my hair because my husband will be home in awhile and we plan on going out. Not on an official date, just grab a quick bite and then pick up stuff for the garden/yard. Yeah, a fun time at Home Depot.

Anyways, my 7 year old wanders in and I ask her to tell her 13 year old sister to pick up her folded laundry off the couch and put it away. Of course this fills her with glee, anytime she can boss her older sister around is something she can really get into. In a minute or so she is back telling me that her sister doesn't believe her. I tell Sidney that I will take care of it. Sidney then says, "Lets play a joke on her and ground her from the computer for a week." I again tell her that "I will take care of it". Sidney says "which team are you on, mine or Courtney's?". I tell her "I am on my own team," which really miffs Sidney off. She then wants to know why Dad and I are always on the same team and why can't we be like a family?


I am thinking she will either grow up and be a politician or a lawyer.

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