Cubeskinz- the coolest thing since sliced bread

I found these really cool things I wanted to share with you. They are called Cubeskinz. Basically, if you are one of those people who gets to sit in a cubical all day, looking at those lovely blah walls, these are for you. They are giant murals that you can hang around/in your cubical to personalize and liven things up. There is everything from scenery, citiscapes, sports, animal prints and on and on. They are very easy to hang (check out the tuturial), non-permanant so your are not being destructive to your workspace and will bring just a little happiness to your little spot in the world.
You can even have your own custom cubeskinz made. Just submit your picture and they will walk you through the process. What a great idea for a gift too!

Go check them out HERE