Back to the Dentist

So I had what the referred to as a small cavity that needed to be filled. No problem, no anxiety, just go in, get it done and move on with life. Easier said than done. Do you ever get concerned when you go in and there is a "new guy". He begins by attempting to numb me up. I was concerned because he didn't jiggle my cheek when administering the medication. I am sure that is something they teach you in dental school. "Now grab that cheek just like you are someone's grandmother and give it a good shake". Yeah, not so much this time. He left for a bit and came back ready to get this done in record time. Normally I am not apposed to a quick cavity fill, but this guy seemed fresh out of dental school and was going out for the award for "most cavities filled in one day". As soon as the drill hit my tooth I KNEW/FELT I was not nearly numb enough. Holy Schmokes. Besides the smell of burning tooth matter, feeling something drill into your tooth and hit a nerve. I think I would rather pluck all my toenails out with tweezers. So he administered some more nummer and a few minutes later got out mister drill again. It was a no go. At this point I was considering hitting the road when no one was looking. I was completely on edge. He gave me some more nummer and the lady attending him asked me if I had had breakfast. I guess if you have an empty stomach, your body metabolizes the medication faster and it makes it harder to numb you up. WHO KNEW! SO EAT before you go to the dentist for a filling.

Finally, 3rd time was a charm. I think he shot something different into my gums because I felt this incredible shocking feeling, something like electric prickles through my lips and cheek. He then ground my tooth out, filled it and left the lady attendant to file it down.

It took until this evening for my jaw to denumb and now my tooth is a lot on the sensitive side and my jaw is aching. Thankfully I have 6 months until my next visit. Hopefully it will be a bit like childbirth and by the time my appointment comes in August, I will have forgotten how horrific this experience was.

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