Salem, Boston continued

Well, I was going through my pictures of our trip to Boston and though I needed to add a few more from Salem. After visiting the witch museum's we went down by the water. There was a pepper mill and candy store that was suppose to give small tours. The pepper mill was closed and the candy store looked yummy, but the candy was $28.00 a lb. To rich for my blood. There was a small store called Cat The Crow & The Crown which is suppose to be owned by a real witch. Coty, Courtney and I wandered in there but didn't stay to long. It was a little erie and besides there was some excitment outside when an ambulance pulled up and took away a lady who was choking at a local restuarant.

Mark had taken Sidney down by the water to look for sea shells. We caught up with them after calling Mark 129 times on his cell phone, okay it was only 3, but I am getting highly suspicious that he always has his phone on to call me, but I can never get ahold of him. Maybe it was the supernatural surroundings in Salem. We walked down to the water looking for them and peaked over the edge of the concrete barrier and tada....

Sidney was successful in her shell hunt and managed to coerce her father into taking 5 of her "best" shells home.

All the while, Courtney spent time spelling "Courtney Rocks" in the sand with the toe of her shoe. It was a little windy but we were enjoying it.

After searching for our long lost dad, we happened across this cool looking pirate ship. Since we are fans of Pirates of the Caribbean we needed a picture. This is their "got a little captain in you?" pose. I realize that is from an alcohol commercial, blame that kind of humor on their father.

It was all going well after that until Coty tried to make a break for the ship to steal it like Captain Jack Sparrow. Then he realized he still needed to run the marathon and came back a little disheartened.

So that officially wraps up our day in Salem. The roads are a little confusing and we ended up going about 30 minute the wrong way when headed back to our hotel. We did find a Costco to buy Gatorades and protein drinks for Coty. We also bought a pizza and headed back to the hotel. We were still ajusting to the 3 hour time change and were getting a little sleepy. Courtney, Sidney and I went swimming in the pool. All in all a pretty fun day. At least we kept Coty's mind off the marathon for a bit.

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