Birthdays, dancing and puking... and oh how it burns

Sometimes does it feel like you are cramming a whole year into one weekend? I spend Thursday and Friday straightening the house and getting food ready for my 14 year olds "Rockband" birthday party on Friday night. It was all going well and according to plan. I welcomed the girls, set food on the table then tried to stay out of the way so as not to "embarrass" the birthday girl.

Coty had taken a 12 mile run in preparation for the Boston Marathon which is officially a week from today. He came home and iced his hamstrings since they have a tendency to give him fits. The next morning he came down and showed me the back of his leg. He had left the ice pack on to long and ended up burning his leg. We took him to the walk in clinic only to be diagnosed with 1st and 2nd degree burns. We got a prescription for silver cream and were told to wash it and apply the cream every day. They also recommended that he shouldn't run the Boston. We are taking it day by day and seeing how it turns out. We are a little bummed and Coty is kicking himself for doing something like that so close to his race. It is one of those things you look back on and know you shouldn't have done any of the things you did, but it is to late to change it. So we will just move forward from here. It actually was looking better last night. We might have to take him in tomorrow and get the dead skin removed. We will see. We aren't completely ruling out running, we have the plane tickets and will definitely be going, we just hope that 9 days will be enough time for it to heal. We will see.

Then after spending all day Saturday at the walk in urgent care clinich. I came home, tried to tidy the house and get ready to go to the youth dance that night. An hour before I left, Sidney started throwing up anythign she ate. I had to get my husband to come in from hanging lights in his barn to help me out with her since I had to go (we were going to be short handed at the dance as is). I felt bad because Mark has been trying to do his lights all week, with no time to do it. But he was a trooper. Got home about 11:30 from the dance and slept in Sidney's room so I could hold the bowl each time she started throwing up again. We missed Easter Sunday, which is sad because I really could have used something like that.

But we survived! And even though it rain bucket loads the last 2 days, it is actually semi decent today. Oh I lied, I just looked out the window and the rain is coming down once again ...err no wait it is hail. I hope that isn't a sign for events to come. I think I will go crawl under my covers for 15 minutes and have a pity party. Then put on some lively music and get some things done that will boost my spirits.


kthom said...

O.k, so which is the bigger bummer...that Sid is sick AGAIN or that Coty's leg is on the fritz?? Are you kidding me? Oh that is so sad...it's going to heal, it's going to heal, It's going to heal.... Boston is lovely in April as you will see! I'm loving your attitude...might I suggest some "Earth Wind and Fire!" -always a mood booster. And Happy birthday to Mark...we love that guy!!

Elisabeth said...

Eva is sick again as well...I am tired of it all... please come summer please...have fun in Boston!

Mark & Lorri said...

I think I have been duped by the "sick" child. I am going to post about it when I get back from town. I need to get Coty an FBI clearance for Argentina and need to send it off today. There are advantages to staying state side.

Holly Beaird said...

I think 15 minutes for a pity party is too short--you deserve at least a half hour! I can't believe Sidney was sick again! That poor girl--and poor you. That's so crazy about Coty's leg, he's young and healthy, it will heal fast! (just keep telling him to say that over and over--positive thinking!)