After raising 3 other children, how am I getting dupped by this child? Yesterday she stayed home from school, no TV priviledges (didn't want to make staying home to much fun) and she had to lay on the couch or her bed all day. I got comments like...

"If you faint, do you die?"
"Would you even care if I died?"
"Can you come rub my tummy?"

So after she was up having a good time last night, I decided she was going to school one way or another. She again got up crawling down the stairs moaning and groaning. I got her fed, bathed, dressed and taken to school. She looked pretty good and I was thinking I made it through another motherhood obstacle. Until the school called and said she was in the nurses office. My dad picked her up since I was in the shower and missed the call. He dropped her off at the house and she made it in and to the couch. I say 30 minutes later she was walking around chatting up a storm.

Here we are tonight.

Painting her fingernails and toenails in between harrassing her sister. Hmmmm, highly suspect.

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