Quick Deal on Bedtime Stories DVD...

So if you hurry, you can still get in on this steal of deal (but it is ONLY a deal if you were going to get it anyways). There are actually two options to this deal...

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE: I needed to edit this to add I found 2 more great things to add to your discount. You can get an additional $5 off from Ortega if you buy 2 of their products OR you can get $5 off from Rayovac when you purchase 2 packages of batteries. These are mail in rebates. You can go to the links below to print off the rebate forms. You can only do one of these as they both request your original receipt AND the UPC codes from Bedtime Stories.



Option 1
At Target right now if you purchase "Bedtime Stores"and "Winnie the Pooh and Musical Too" (Bedtime Stories is 16.99 and Winnie the Pooh is 17.99). When your purchase both at the same time you will get a $10 gift card to use on your next purchase. You can also use a $6 peelie that is being found on the front of the DVD's. Next print off this $5 off printable to get an additional $5 off. So it should look like this...
16.99 + 17.99 = 34.98 - $10 gift card = 24.98 - $6 peelie = 18.98 - $5 printable =
13.98 - $5 rebate from Ortega OR Rayovac = $8.98 FOR BOTH MOVIES

Option 2
At Albertsons right now, if you purchase "Bedtime Stories" and "Winnie the Pooh and Musical Too" at 19.99 each. When you buy both you get $5.00 off automatically. Then the the $6 peelie when you buy both then you can also print off a the $5 off coupon. So this is what your math would look like...

19.99 + 19.99 = 39.98 - $5 automatic refund = 34.98 - $6 peelie = 28.99 - $5 printable coupon =
23.98 - $5 rebate from Ortega OR Rayovac = 17.98 FOR BOTH

Swinging deal!
YMMV which means your mileage may vary. Most people are getting this to work but you might get a stinky clerk who will only let you use either the peelie or the printable. My recommendation is to find a younger guy to do it since they seem to care less :)

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