Walking on Sunshine...

Oh heavens, hasn't the last couple of days been wonderful. My husband said he heard on the news it has been 100+ days since our last sunshiny warm day. No wonder I felt like I was molding. So the last few days have been in the 60's and bliss. I would periodically run outside, throw myself on the lawn and roll around, just soaking it up. At first my body was in complete confusion as to what that lovely round warm ball in the sky was, but after a half dozen trips out to soak up my vitamin D, it finally started to have some vague rememberance of it.

Things I have done the last few days, worth sharing? (sorry no pictures, some little rat took the SD card out of my camera, but as soon as I find it, I will share some)

I got the kids upstairs bathroom decorated! I know Coty is a little disappointed that he will no longer see the torn, vinyl, see through frog shower curtain, but that style went out last year. Now the lovely brown fabric and light blue green is in I tell you! I painted the frames on the mirrors in the bathrooms. This caused enough heartache when the paint kept bubbling. I knew I had to get it to work, due to the fact my husband kept telling me it wouldn't work. I did read that you need to lightly sand it, but after doing a little research found out with metal you need to rub it down with mineral spirits to take the finish off so the paint will stick better. My second one turned out much better than the one I had to remove paint from twice because it looked crummy. I would try it again though, now knowing what I know. I will post pictures when I find that darn sd card.

We had an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Thomas' house between conference session on Sunday. The reason we did it a week early was to accomodate our schedule since we will be having dinner with my family on Easter. Don't you love family that helps you make things work out. I have even had my mother-in-law and mother call each other and figure out a schedule that works for both of them. I truely am blessed that way.

I taught a coupon class to some lovely ladies in town. It was fun being with them if nothing else. I know there was ton of information, but know if they will just try it, they will catch on. My favorite receipt that I showed them was a savings of $160.00 and I only spent $25. I tell you it is a rush to see the cash register spitting out something like that. Who needs oxycotton (or whatever the heck it is called).

I am also in the throws of trying to spruce the house up. Spring cleaning and such with some additional decorating that I have put off. Nothing major, just small things here and there. I looked in pier 1 imports and saw a really cute flower arrangement I wanted, but it was $70. So I ran over to JoAnns and bought the same kind of flowers and made my own for $15. I used a vase that my lovely sister-in-law gave me for my birthday a while ago.

Then I tried a few new recipes, which I will share in the next post. Busy Busy Busy. But remember, if you are keeping busy, you are keeping out of trouble. I hope you are enjoying sunshine and the mad happy carefree feeling that comes with it! I love spring!

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