I have something to admit... I am an ice chewer

I, my friends, am an ice chewer. It has been something that I have hid for well over 19 years, but am ready to come out in hopes of letting others who experience the same craving know that they are not alone.

Sure any ice will do, but what I really crave, is that soft nuggety ice you can only get at Taco Time. I also hear that Sonic also has this fabulous ice which does me no good since we don't have Sonic's in Washington.

This is a picture of the best ice to eat. If you would be so kind to let me know if you see it any other place besides Taco Time. I am mostly looking for a store that sells it in large quantities, like 55 gallon cooler size. Okay I will take a 5 lb. bag.

This ice is knows as "nugget ice" or "Scotsman nugget ice". You can see that it is round and softer than cubed, so it gives ever so gently when chewed. No sharp edges means no torn up gums from hard edges. Rumor has it that people who are anemic are more likely to be ice chewers.

Little did I know that there is a whole underground world of ice chewers. So if you chew ice and need a little support, go visit my friends over at the Ice Chewers Bulletin Board. If you don't chew ice, just try it, you might like it and hey, 0 calories.


Law's said...

Hey there I work at Taco Time and we give our ice out to lots of people so if you are ever in need, just bring a container and we will fill it for you...no charge.

Mark & Lorri said...

Nice to know that you do this! I am totally in. Now which container would be big enough without being greedy hmmmm.

Holly Beaird said...

I think this means your zinc deficient....or dehydrated. Hey, we all have our quirky habits--I still think your cool :)

The Butler Bunch said...

How do you do it? You are so creative. You always have the funnest things on your blog. We enjoy seeing what comes next! How are your TWO missionaries doing? Wow, double blessings at your house. An ice-chewer ay? oooh, not me. Hurts my teeth. Have a great day!

Cassie Jensen said...

A couple of things: I am not a blog-stalker, Kari told me to check yours out. I am looking for your post about your Priest/Laurel prom. I am helping decorate our next month and it seems we have a similar theme. (I hope it was you she was talking about) Next, there is a Sonic being put up right across from our house here in Bonney Lake. So maybe some time soon you can get your ice-chewing fix out our way.

Love the blog, too. Thanks for letting me check it out! Could you leave a message at mine if you are the one with the prom pics? Thanks so much!

Tracey and Gayle said...

I have it by a secret source that they are building a sonic in Bonney Lake.