National History Day report...

Well it has been a week since Courtney took her exhibit to National History Day. I would have written about it sooner, but we had to get over our sad feelings that she didn't end up going to state. We had a lot of fun though!

Here is the group of kids who went from Courtney's middle school. Or at least this is their serious side.

This is their crazy side

The theme this year was "An Individual In History: Actions and Legacy". It was a great theme to work on and Courtney chose Sacagawea. Even though she didn't win, we did learn some very interesting things about Sacagawea. When the Lewis and Clark expedition reached the western coast, she was allowed to vote when they were trying to decide whether to stay by the ocean or head inland for the winter. She was is a symbol of peace because when other tribes saw Lewis and Clark with a woman they knew that they weren't a war party and didn't attack them. She also met up with her long lost brother who she bargained with for horses so that the expedition could go over the mountains. That is just a little bit.

Here were a few other exhibits that we really thought were done well. This one had, I think it was paper mache) statue of liberty. It was really neat.

Bill Gates

You could rotate this one and there was something on all side. The you could poke your head through the hole and see a lot information inside. The trick to this is you can only use 500 words (that excludes quotes).

This one also would spin around so you could read information on all sides. This one was done by a group and took second. It was done on Schindler and looked really nice

This was Sidney's favorite. It was done on a ballerina who made a difference in the dance. Sidney loved the actual ballet dress displayed in front of it. In fact, every time we went in the exhibit area, she would go right over there and look at it.

This one was done on a display board that looked like a baseball diamond with sand and all.

Here is Courtney in front of hers. We are still proud of the work she did even though she didn't move on to state.

The highlight of the day? When we were taking Court's exhibit down, I chose to stand on the table and try and tip it back so we could slide it down onto the floor since it was so heavy. As I was stepping back to lay it down, it started to slip. I stepped back again to try and balance the exhibit only to find myself stepping off the table. Yes, that led to me falling off the table onto my back in front of EVERYONE else who was taking down their exhibits. This was after I refused help from several people. The fact we aren't moving on to state is another blessing in that I hopefully won't have to ever see anyone again after my acrobatics. I did stand up and try to do a TADA move, but didn't fool anyone. Chalk it up one more time to my grace.

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