Mother's Day - (heavy sigh)

What do you want for Mother's Day is the question I have heard several times in the last few weeks. Why do I cringe when I hear it? Is it because I am a poor decision maker and can't decide? (I have been looking for a kitchen table for 5 years). Is it because I very rarely purchase things for myself and now have fallen into the funk of not being able to treat myself. I realize it is not fair to complain about what I did get or did not get if I don't even throw out a few ideas.

What do you want for Mother's day? Any suggestions?

I think I want dishes. Some lovely white (but they have to be sturdy dishes because I still have children) dishes. They have square ones at Costco, but I wonder if I will tire of them and the mugs are a little weird looking. I also saw some at pier 1 imports. Not sure about the quality and they were a little pricey.

I would like my garden put in, but since Mark and I are in a little itty bitty dispute on where to put it, I think we are going to give up the fight and wait until next year.

How about all my flower beds weeded?
It would be fun to shop for some new clothes.... If I was 15 lbs lighter haha.

My biggest fear is that I KNOW that whatever I ask for I will get. If I told my husband I would like a 2 carat diamond ring, Boom, it would be on my finger mother's day. There must be a name for this condition that I have. I know it makes it difficult for my husband to live with.

Anyway, just looking for suggestions, or if you are trained in therapy, perhaps I could get a few sessions to find the underlying problem. That would be a lovely Mother's day gift too.

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Nicole said...

I think you should say that for Mother's Day you want to put the garden where you want it! If he truly does give you whatever you ask for (you could use that exact phrase with him!) then you will get your garden where you want it and you won't have to wait until next year! And while you're at it, you could have the flower beds weeded too! :o)