Wicked the Musical - here we come!

I am really excited. This morning tickets for "Wicked" went on a special internet pre-sale and I got one for me and one for my daughter Courtney. It is coming to Seattle in September. I read before hand all the things I needed to do that might ensure me getting decent seats. At 8:59 am bam! I was there click, refresh, click, refresh and tada. I ended up with seats about 21 rows back in the middle right section. Not to shabby. I have wanted to go to this for a long time!

Just wanted to share my happy moment of the day with you.

If you are interested, there might be a few good seats left, maybe. Go HERE for the webpage and enter STG when prompted for the promotion code.


Elisabeth said...

We're going Sept 19th...can't wait! Thanks for listening to me vent...this jet lag is kill'n me!

Mark & Lorri said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. It took us several days to adjust back after going to Boston. And BTW, you did have legit stuff to vent about, so vent away!

Ticketwood said...

The Wicked is one of my favourite musicals. I know all the words by heart so it was nice to remember again in your post. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories about the Wicked . This weekend I’m going to visit my sister and we get pretty good tickets to attend it again so I'll be analyzing as well as enjoying that show. Here: