Tardy on my posts

I realize that I am slacking a bit in posting. It has been a very busy last couple of weeks. We are doing the finishing touches on getting Coty ready to enter the MTC on the 20th. I am happy and sad. It was a day of mixed emotions on Mother's Day. Well before I ramble on let me break it down.

The Saturday before Mother's Day, we went and helped paint the high school football stadium. My husband showed up at 7 am with a lift and started spraying what everyone called pink (but ended up drying a decent maroon color). I showed up at about 8:30 and there were a decent number of people. I helped paint the concession stand with my brother Tracey. I was pleased due to the fact my husband very rarely lets me paint and home because I make such a mess. As I was stating this to my dad, I happened to roll the paint roller across my tennis shoe. A little after 9:30 am we were getting close to being done and a lot more people had shown up. So I skipped out because I had a million things to do. I did find enough time to run the Banana Republic and buy a few clothes items for my husband to wrap up for Mother's Day. We decided that would be the best option. After he got home from painting he also planted my raspberries (another Mother's Day present). Then off to a youth council meeting at 6:30 pm and a stake youth dance at 8:30 pm. We were suppose to do the Hannah Montanna Hoe Down Throw Down dance but I forgot to burn the music to CD so we didn't have it but will do it next month for sure. Dance ends at 11:00 pm, with clean up we were out of there by 11:30 pm and home after midnight.

Sunday Coty was speaking in church on mothers and Courtney was accompanying the youth in our ward, the first time ever. It was lovely that Mark got to stay home with no early church meetings, so we just had a leisure morning. Got to church and after Courtney played perfectly and Coty did a great job on his talk I was finally able to relax and enjoy the rest of the meeting. After the meeting the mother's were given an herb plant (I got Basil YUM) with some brown paper wrapped around the base with some raffia (I will take a picture and post it because it was really cute) and there is a tag on how to use that herb and some nice things about mothers day. I love that present, and the young men put them together. Then home to get the mother's day call from Blain. WOW is he doing good. He sounded so great and positive. I am amazed at how much he is growing and his views on life. He gave Coty a lot of advice about entering the mission field. What another fabulous mother's day present to see your kids helping each other out. After the call, I made cupcakes then we went up to visit Mark's mother. Would have loved to stay since all the men in the family were making the women dinner, but we had told my mom we were coming to dinner (first Sunday of each month is Thomas family home evening, second Sunday is Butler family home evening). Run home get cupcakes and go to my parents house where we had a yummy dinner and enjoyed the afternoon with Tracey and family and my parents.

Back home to rest from our fun filled day. I am very grateful for all the mothers in my life. I have a wonderful mom who sacrifices so much for her kids. Always has. She is such a great example of how a person should treat others and the fact she can maintain a sense of humor through raising 6 kids, plus 2 extras is a wonderful trait. I am also thankful that when I married Mark, I also got another mother. I posted on here a while back about the time I called her crying because I thought Mark had been in a car wreck and she thought I said there was a rat and came right over to save me. That is the kind of person she is, always willing to do whatever is needed. She is very generous and kind person. I have been very blessed.

The rest of this week has been spent getting the last of Coty's immunizations (5 shots in one day ouch!), getting the last items ready, packing his clothes for storage, getting ready for Sidney's birthay party (which is today) and the YCL Young Women's camp kick off this Saturday. Sunday I get to help out with a ward conference then Monday we head down to Utah. It will fun to see Mark's sister and my sister. Wish we had more time to hang out, but maybe we can take some time this summer for a more extended stay.

I have one last post left from our last day in Boston which I will try to do before Monday. Then once we get back hopefully things will return to normal, whatever that is. :)

Hope your week was great too.


Nicole said...

I enjoyed reading your post- as always! I see that you are in Utah and you probably took Coty in yesterday! Hopefully that went well. Just think how blessed you will be having TWO sons out on a mission! By the way- you do have a wonderful Mom!

Nicole said...

I meant I agree with you that your Mom is wonderful!