Fare thee well Coty - for 2 years

I have started this post 100 times and then get side tracked. I think subconciously I know that when I post it, it will be true. Althought it was a week and a half ago we dropped him off.

So Monday we left to take our second son, Coty, to the MTC in provo to serve a mission for our church. He was called to the Argentina, Buenos Aires West mission. We have been getting ready for what seems like the last 3 months. He needed a total of 8 shots for immunization purposes. We bought him 2 suits, 8 pairs of paints and 10 white shirts.

We left Monday morning (having left the girls with my mom the night before) and drove the 12+ hours to Utah and spent the night with Mark's sister Cori. They are always very generous about letting us stay there when we come down. Tuesday we did some last minute shopping for black socks, name embossed on scriptures, snacks for the MTC and some personal items like mouthwash, shampoo etc. Then Tuesday afternoon we met up with my sister, 2 brothers and my sisters husband.

We had a yummy dinner at Tempinyaki (spell?) and visited for awhile. I love getting together with my family. We all have the same weird (and which we think is funny) sense of humor. We then headed to Steff's house for a little bit longer and then went back to spend another night at Cori and Mark's (her husband).

Wednesday Cori's husband fixed us belgium waffles with fruit. We had breakfast with their 3 kids. It is a lot of fun to see them and see how they have grown. They have such funny personalities. Finally off to the big drop off.

I knew this would be tough and really tried to prepare myself.

Here is Coty talking to a few last friends and letting them know his address so the could write him. He didn't have a problem giving up his phone (like some teenagers might), but he is really going to miss his friends. Especially the one called Black Mamba (that is another story all together).

The official drag everything you own and will use for 2 years down to the MTC. I remember this so vividly from last year and dropping Blain off. We even have this almost exact same picture of Blain. I was taking lots of pictures which kept me preoccupied and prevented me from grabbing Coty's pant leg and begging him to stay home and be my little boy just a little longer.

Now this is a funny thing. We cross the street and there is this big sign stating that this is the MTC. It is customary to get your missionaries picture in front of it. We missed it with Blain, so I was going to be darned if I missed it with Coty. Uhmm, but Coty wasn't that interested. Even after I told him that it was my last request, it finally took a few words from his Father to get him to do it. I think he was nervous and just wanted to get on with it. But doesn't he look nice. Well worth the extra 5 seconds it took.

This is where you drop your luggage off. I swear this same gentleman was there when Blain came. He was very kind. Another funny thing is, they leave the luggage outside and the missionaries pick it up after they separate from their parents. My idea was for Mark and I to hang out by Coty's luggage after we separated so that when he came out, we could have a few more moments together. Mark chuckled then grabbed me by the hand and drug me back to the car. Well didn't really drag, more like lovely encouraged with firmness and steadfastness.

Coty and his dad.

As you enter the building, they have one door for the parents, and one for the missionaries. As the missionaries come through their door, they get their name tag and a card with their mailing information. This time the also had a doctor on hand to told them a few new rules at the MTC because of the swine flu. One was no shaking hands. That would be a tough one.

Here he is as he entered the door. Yes, I was picture happy.

As Coty came through the line, they have seam rippers and the Mom's open the seam on the pocket so they missionaries can put their tag in their suit pocket.

Here is the final picture. Once you go down the stairs, you are asked not to take any more pictures. Coty wearing his name tag and the red dot which signifies his newbiness. They get to remove it after a day or so.

Finally we went and sat down. They played some "isn't it time for family commercials" and Coty saw several had to do with the father being so involved with golf he didn't have time for his family. He asked Mark why they were so negative about golf and was a little disappointed, in a funny sort of way. Finally after a few words from different people it was time to separate. They have one door labeled "missionaries" and one "family". They said that saying goodbye is like pulling off a bandaid, the quicker the better. I was doing well up until I stood up to give Coty a hug and the dam broke. I told him how much we loved him and supported his decision. Then as I was wiping my eyes with the wad of kleenex Mark had grabbed for me before we went in, I saw Coty's eyes start water and he said he needed to go or it would be to hard, and we did. We waved and left. I was on the verge of sobbing, but luckily my wonderful husband took me to the water fountain where I got a drink and was able to regain my composure. It as harder this time becuase my mind kept thinking.. Wow I have 2 boys out. I miss my 2 boys. But then I also thought about how I wouldn't want them anywhere else. Blain has been out for a year this month and I can't tell you what a wonderful, compassionate, mature person he has become. Serving a mission is a great thing for a 19 year old boy. So even though it is hard, I am very grateful they both made the decision and are not only going, but are excited to go.

Well, I made it through my post. So I guess life can officially go on. The great thing about this is, now I have ALOT more time to spend keeping an eye on my 14 year old daughter, which she is THRILLED about. I mean we are feeling the love around here.


Kristin said...

If your needing a Thomas teenager to fill the void , kill mice, chase pigs or just hang out with Mark we could lend Colton out for the weekend. What a blessing to have 2 missionaries serving, good parenting on your part.

Thomas family said...

You are such a strong mama. I am sitting here with tears of my own, just from reading this. It is such a great thing for your boys, but I feel for you.

The Butler Bunch said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh OH MY GOSH!!!!! That's SOOOOO exciting, sad, and wonderful! Ugh! I remember that. I love reading your blogs because I can SOOOO relate. I did the same thing with Colten, picture happy - sorry, but ya gotta be. And you are right, you gotta have a picture next to the MTC sign (isn't that a rule?). We'll be just a few months - 5 maybe behind you guys. Ryan, our second son, goes into the MTC Oct 14th. He's going to the Phillipines! It's so hard to see them go isn't it? But yet it's such a blessing.