Courtney's 8th Grade Dance

What they heck? When did this happen? The last couple of years I have been focusing on gettting the boys graduated and on their missions. I turn aroun and tada... here is my little girl all grown up.
Courtney went with 3 of her friends. One of their dads got a lovely cadillac to chauffer the girls to and from the dance which was very nice and made the night a little extra special.

Courtney ended up wearing a church dress that she already had after spending an evening of shopping, trying to find something that was modest and that she liked. We did end up buying this little number with the hopes of altering it.

It was long enough, but obviously lacking sleeves. I had thought that perhaps we could find some matching fabric and make some cap sleeves, but the one thing that continued to bother me was how low the under arm and back went. So my daughter opted to wear another dress and she looked very lovely.

I do have some sewing experienc and have decided to attempt to sew a semi-formal dress just to 1. see if I can do it decently and 2. see if it will be acceptable to Courtney. This is what I have boughten and already I am not doing great as Courtney said the shiny fabric looked a little to "80's". From what I have read though, the 80's look is coming back, so maybe I am just ahead of my time :)

Courtney loves purple, so I did well there. The top of the dress with be straight purple with a black rouched sash and purple on the bottom with an overlay of the see through sequined fabric for a touch of bling.

I couldn't find one pattern that I liked, so I thought I could take the top from the pattern on the left (the middle one with the sleeves) and then the rouched sash from the pattern on the right (dress on the right of the patten) and then use the skirt from the right pattern. Wish me luck! We have several years of proms/homecomings so I we need to find some alternatives from buying off the rack as most of those dresses would be better seen on street walkers. I still don't get why mothers allow their daughters to go out on a date with a high school boy in dresses that have less fabric than my swimsuit. What do you think will be on that boys mind the whole night? Hmmm?

My son, Coty, was once asked what he would do if he ended up on a date with a girl in a dress that was revealing. His response was "It would never happen". When asked why? He said "Because I would never ask a girl out that would wear something like that".

I think it will definitely be harder letting my daughters date than my boys. Enter the next stage in my life... raising teenage daughters.

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