How does your school rate?

I found this website that interestly enough, shows how your school rates amongst other Washington State schools. I was amazed that even in my own town, the difference between elementary schools was huge.

My daughter switched elementary schools last year because she was accepted into a musical program and now rides the transfer bus to one a little further away. The school she goes to now ranks 167 out of 1130 schools, whereas her previous school ranked 855 out of 1130 schools. Crazy huh? Same school district too.

So if you are interested in seeing where your child's school ranks, check it out HERE.

Go to the link, then click on whether you want to look at elementary, middle school or high school. Then look at the top tabs and choose "schools by location". Then there will be 2 choices, choose the top one "school ranking lists by area, city or district". That will give you the schools in ordering of ranking. Scroll down until you find your school and click on it to see the specifics.

The other way of looking for your school is at the start click on what kind of school you want to look at elementary, middle school or high school. Then on the left hand side choose the bottom choice of "find school by name". It should show the schools in alphebetical order. Or you can type in the search box the name of your school.

So... did you find it as interesting as I?

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