Can I tell you how absolutely lucky I am. I have been wanting to see this F O R E V E R! I found out the first of this year that it was coming back to Seattle in the Fall. I subscribed to Paramounts email list and was given advanced sales priviledges. I was online within 10 minutes of them going on sale and got some pretty decent tickets.

Finally... last Saturday my dream became a reality!

I was lucky enough to go with my dear friend Beth and her daughter. Along with my mom, aunt Carol and most favorite red haired daughter. Beth was kind enough to drive, so I was able to get this picture as we started down the road to the Paramount theater.

It had been a long summer and I really needed something to get excited about, just seeing this sign was enough to make me giddy.

This was the stage as we were waiting for it to start. Technically we weren't suppose to be taking pictures, but since we didn't really know that... uhm.

But after we found out, we only took about 5 more. This was the cool dragon that was hanging above the stage.

Here are Courtney and my mom. All my brothers and sisters chipped in and bought my mom's ticket for her birthday. I think she really enjoyed it. Either that or she is one big faker. By the way, she doesn't fake when her and my dad leave for a date then come home to their kids shuttling all the neighbor kids out the back door after having (of all things) a scramble egg party at our house.

Here is Beth and her daughter (and Courtney's friend Nicole). I have such good friends and enjoy doing things with them (which is not often enough).

I brought binoculars so we could check everything out up close. But Courtney just used them to notice how old all the actors looked. I think her comment was... they look like they are in their 30's. That is music to a mother's ears when she is turning 43.

Courtney and I took a picture outside standing by the billboard as people swarmed around us trying to get to their cars. I thought I looked pretty snazzy and Seattle posh, now I am thinking my clothes either wrinkle easy or I need to step up my game.

And here is my mom and her sister Carol. It was so fun to go with both of them. Sometime I will have to share their "wallet" story with you. Now that I think about it... when those two are together, they always end up having interesting stories to share.

I really want to go again, but just can't justify it, but, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat is playing in a month or so... maybe.

HIGHLY recommend it if you get the chance to go. It was very funny and entertaining.

I read (and you will want to double check this before you go) that if you are under 25, if you go the night of a production at the Paramount, they will sell you the best seat they have open for $25 dollars. One ticket per person and you need ID. That also depends on IF they have any seats open.

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Beth said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! We had the best time ever...I am so appreciative of you sharing your day with us and helping me make this a dream come true for Nicole. This will be a memory for us for a long, long time. Sure love you guys!