Leadership Styles - Do you know yours?

My daughter brought home this quiz from one of her high school classes. I thought it was interestingly accurate. I totally pegged my husband before he got home. I am a Golden Retrivier and he is a Lion. Odd combination, but it works!

Take it and tell me what you think.

Please circle as many words in each column that best describe you.

DeliberateTake RisksLoyalTakes Charge
ReservedMotivatorEven KeelAssertive
PredictableEnergeticAvoids ConflictFirm
OrderlyPromoterDislikes ChangeCompetitive
FactualAvoids DetailDeep RelationshipsEnjoys Challenges
DetailedLikes VarietySympatheticPurposeful
rAnalyticalEnjoys ChangeThoughtfulDecision Maker
PreciseGroup OrientedPatientGoad Driven
PersistentMixes EasilyTolerantSelf-reliant
OptimisticGood ListenerAdventurous

BeaverOtterGolden RetrieverLion

Which ever column has the most circles is what you are. Lion, Otter, Golden Retrivier or Beaver.

"Let's Do It Now"

Lions are born leaders.

Lions like to accomplish things with immediate results.
Lions' time frame is NOW.
Lions are decisive.
Lions want Reader's Digest-length communication.
Lions often feel threatened by questions.
Lions are not afraid of pressure or confrontation.

"How Was IT Done in the Past"

Beavers keep a close watch in their emotions.

Beavers actually read instruction books.
Beavers like to make careful decisions.
Beavers like using their critical skills to solve problems.
Beavers live by the motto "let's do it right!"
Beacers often turn anger inward
Beavers tend to focus on the past.

"Trust Me! It Will Work Out"

Otters just want to have fun.

Otters are great at motivating others to action.
Otters avoid the fine print.
Otters focus on the future.
Otters avoid confrontation at all costs.
Otters are tremendous net workers.
Otters are very susceptible to peer pressure.

"Let's Keep Things The Way They Are"

Golden Retreivers are loyal.

Golden Retreivershave a strong need for close relationships.
Golden Retreivers have a deep need to please others.
Golden Retreivers have hearts full of compassion.
Golden Retreivers define the work adaptable.
Golden Retreivers often react to sudden change.
Golden Retreivers hold stubbornly to what they feel is right.

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Kristin said...

Thanks for scaring the crap out of me with the snake video and then telling me I have Golden Retriever characteristics.