Yesterday I was assailed....

by this guy. . .

Don't let him fool you. Sure he looks nice and friendly. But deep down inside, he is someone who likes to see others in pain. Did I mention he is the instructor of my muscle flex class?

It has been over a month (cough) all summer (cough) that I haven't made it to the gym. Then when school started, I found about every excuse not to go because I knew that I would be in severe pain the next day. Excuses I came up with...

Who will stay home and eat the chocolate covered doughnuts that might go bad if left out.

I should probably wait until Thursday so I have a weekend to recover instead of Tuesday were I will only have one.

I think I will wait until Tuesday, the classes aren't so full.

It is sunny, I think I will exercise outside and begin a running program.

It is raining, it would be much easier to run on the treatmill at home than go out in this weather.

I really should watch that movie I rented and haven't gotten to yet. It would totally be a waste of money.

It is fall, and time to purge the house! So let me pull out everything from all closets and cupboards.

My house is a disaster, I had better stay home and clean it.

No sense starting an exercise program until I start eating healthy. I will start my new healthy diet Monday.

I cannot exercise because the shoes I "need" are $150 and that isn't in the budget.

And the list goes on and on and on. It is amazing how creative you can get when it comes to excuses for not exercising.

So yesterday was the day. I got ready in my semi-worn out workout clothes (I am buying new ones when I have dropped a size :), got Sidney off on the bus then beelined it to class so I could set up in the back corner. Two reasons to be in the back... 1. So no one can see you, even when you cheat a little and 2. so I can admire all the in shape ladies and that inspires me to push myself a little further. Steve always comes in so happy and merry, spreading bits of sunshine with him everywhere he goes. You would never know he is tricky and ruthless. Example: we are in the middle of squats. We are doing 2 counts down and 2 counts up. He tells everyone in the group that we only have 8 more. So I am really concentrating... going to my happy place, which is pretty much anywhere but there. As we all finally yell "one" as we finish up, Steve likes to add things like go half way and pulse it for 8. Or now 16 more 3 counts down and 1 count up. As my legs feel like jelly and sweat is dripping in my eyes, the only thing that keeps me going is the hopes that I will have a booty like the girl 2 rows up someday.

So today I am officially tender and sore. Triceps hurt, hamstrings hurt, abs tender. I really have to weigh out wether it is worth picking up my daughters shoes and putting them away or to just kick them under the couch.

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