I'll make ya famous...

(Sidney with her Brother, Blain, who is serving a mission in Tucson Arizona and will be home in May. Yipee!)

Mark shared a funny experience with me that happened one night I was gone at meetings. He said he was spending a nice quiet evening with his two girls. They were watching the Taylor Swift 1 hour special. Towards the end, this cute little girl in the picture above, also known on good days as our daughter, turned to him and said...

"I should be more famous"

I guess in watching Taylor Swift she got the idea that she should also be famous. When my husband asked her why... she had 3 good reasons.

1. Because look at my hair... it is blonde.
2. You know I look like Dakota Fanning. (lots of people have told her that, especially when she was younger).
3. And, my last name is Thomas (not sure what that has to do with being famous).

So, if you want autographs, better get them now.


Nicole said...

That is really funny! She has some good reasons though! I can see she will be funny like her Mother!

candy said...
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