My new bestest friend

This my friends, is my new bestest buddy. And Mark isn't even jealous because we are both benefitting from this relationship.

I know, a little weird.

This is Joel Holland. Why are we bestest buddies (and he isn't even aware of it)? Because he is one of the greatest big pumpkin growers that has ever lived. Well he definitely is in the running for the top 10.

How did this relationship, that he is pretty much competely unaware, of begin? Last Fall my in-laws gave each family 2 giant pumpkin seeds. The contest... whoever grew the biggest pumpkin would win a prize. Something like $1 per pound.

I hope they are ready to write that check with a bunch of 0's in it.

Mark and I spent hours checking out websites, googling information and expanding our knowledge of seaweed powder, ph balance, Biomin Calcium Foliar Spray, warming cables, greenhouse tents, glucose injections and many other technical things us giant pumpkin growers like to talk about.

After doing much research I found that we had a giant pumpkin grower in our own backyard and made a phone call and a date to drop in and chat pumpkins. He was a really nice guy and gave me a dvd with detailed information on how to step by step germinate and grow our bad boys. I have named my seed Norbert, since I noticed that he had all of his named. Although his are more technical like Jutras, Pukos and Vankooten. But I say a happy sounding name is a happy pumpkin. And a happy pumpkin will want to grow big and strong.

Last night we filed the edges of our giant pumpkin seeds.

We then placed them in damp paper towels in the oven at a temperature of 85 degrees. Tonight we will adjust our starter soil mix one more time to ensure it is the proper ph balance and plant the seeds in peat pots. I just like saying that word... peat pot, peat pot, peat pot.

They will then go into our incubation chamber (a hush falls over the crowd), also known as a cooler with a large bottle of water warmed to 115 degrees. After 2ish days, they should start sprouting. My friend, Joel, said that germinating can be the trickest part. So here is to us and Norbert!

Hopefully one day we will aspire to grow one like this....

Can you say 1,229 pounds? And that was back in 2004 when we didn't even have NUTRI-AID 0-52-34 BLOSSOM BOOSTER AND FRUIT FINISHER.

So stay tuned and watch as we either succeed or cry in misery on top of our manure mound as our plants die one by one.


*Danette said...

Oh Lorri, I am amazed at all the fun "farmer" stuff you guys get to do! I'm so jealous!

Good luck with the pumpkin and when all is said and done, I want to be invited for the pumpkin pie feast afterward. = )

CHarris said...

Shoot! We are IN TROUBLE!! I had no idea I was up against this kind of competition! Actually, I don't know if you know this...we decided to wait another year since I never even received my seeds! A little difficult to win the contest without even a seed! Very impressive! I can't wait to see what the final weigh in is!