Coty's Mission - Christmas 2009

Our son, Coty, is serving a mission in Buenos Aires Argentina (west). His mission presiden't wife keeps a blog which I like to check in hopes of finding a picture of our son. Finally, it happened! Here is the picture they took of the whole mission last Christmat.

Then it took a moment to find Coty (think where in the world is Coty). At first I thought he was on the back row... then I found him right on the front, slightly to the right of Sister Benton. He is smiling and his shoes are worn and dusty. So he must be working hard and finding joy in the work. Sister Benton said that the missionaries may walk up to 10 miles a day.


kthom said...

I kept looking for his white and red striped scarf and hat.....that would have helped a lot!! Love that kid...ahem...elder!!

Tiffanee said...

What a cool picture! He is such a good kid (I guess I should say missionary!!) I found you totally by accident. Love the blog. Hope you don't mind if I follow along. Although you may be totally sick of my by the time this week is done!!!!