Oh the lights of Christmas

Earlier yesterday, Courtney, Sidney and I went out to separate our 2 horses from our 6 cows. Move the 2 horses to the other field (since they keep running the cows away from the feeder and they end up bellering all night because they are hungry) and leave the 6 cows in the field closest to the house. One lesson learned... he who carries the grain bucket... is a moving target. It was accomplished with us brandishing sticks and yelling tough words like "YAH".

So a few hours later, we were upstairs sorting through old clothes and deep cleaning bedrooms when the phone rings. I answer it and my kindly neighbor across the street said.. "Have you seen what is going on out your front window?" I am thinking "Crap, did the cows/horses get out again?". So I run down and look out my living room window to this scene.

The house kitty corner to us had 7 police cars and a police van in front of it's house. So I run and get my camera while talking on the phone to my neighbor (since I knew you would want a picture). Getting back to the living room I army crawl across the floor and peek out the window again. My neighbor says maybe we will be on the news, which gets me thinking about my hair, after a few more words trying to figure out what is going on, neighbor and I hang up. We think that perhaps it was a meth house. There are a lot of people coming and going and we also know that at least a few of the people who live there have police records. Unfortunately there is also a 7 year old girl who lives there too. We saw her leave the house with 2 adults and her dog on a leash. I think the 2 adults were friends of the family. Several people were taken out in handcuffs and a few others left a little bit later. There was also stuff thrown out on the front porch.

I found that my view was better from the loft, which is where Sidney and I hung out for a bit with binoculars. Yes that makes me the Gladys Kravitz (think bewitched) of our street.

Glad they closed it if it was a crack house, sad for the little girl who lives there. Sidney kept asking what would happen to her for the rest of the afternoon. Just makes you feel bad to see that kind of stuff ruin lives.


Dave said...

More than likely they were caught being abusive to Salmonoids. Criminals like that should receive Capital Punishment.

JaMie said...

Ya That house has always been so scetchy! I hope you got your hair done:)