Favorite Things Friday - Wall Flowers

Love these things! I have one plugged into my bathroom, the family room and my mudroom. I love the Falls smells as the leaves begin to turn, something tropical for spring and Linen for a fresh laundry smell.

These are usually priced at about $12 each. Ouch. But, a couple of times a year they will go on sale for about $5. You buy the plug in with one bulb, and then buy replacement bulbs (2 per pack) to refill.

These also make great presents. Who doesn't want a lovely smell wafting through their house.

So if you are running past a Bath and Body Works, run in and see if they have any sales going. And if you can't wait, there are almost always coupons you can print off. Here is one for a free signature body care product (up to $12) with a $10 purchase. Just print coupon. I just google "bath and body works coupon" and print off a few before heading out. Sometimes they will even take two (for different promotions).

Link to coupon

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