Birds and the Bees

This is my 8 year old. She is smart, inquisitive, and nothing gets past her. For the last year she has started asking questions about babies. I took my usual approach of giving just enough information to answer the question. Where do babies come from? From their mommies tummies.

After asking the question of "how do some people have babies when they aren't married?" I decided it was time to explain all of the birds and the bees. She asked many detailed questions that I know her father will find hilarious when he gets home. But the icing on the cake, was about 30 minutes later she told me that she was really to young to hear that kind of stuff and why did I think it was a good idea telling her.

By the way... she isn't sure that she is going to get married. I told her that she didn't have to if she didn't want to, but that her opinion might change when she found someone she loved.


kthom said...

I love everything about this post and am sooooo not looking forward to having this conversation with a certain eldest child in my home!

Tfamily said...

Well at least this was my "last" talk. Mark got out of all of them. But I guess the good thing about me doing it, was that I knew they didn't get any misinformation from their dad haha.