Piano Recital, Mulan and Arwen

October 22nd was our yearly piano recital. What made it extra fun, was that it was Sidney's first one.

Their piano teacher always has a theme for each year. This time they needed to pick a song from a movie and a classical piece. Each student was then to dress up in some manner that represented their movie.

Sidney chose "Reflections" from the movie Mulan. So the obvious choice... Mulan (either that or the funky funny dragon). I used a pattern for the top of the dress, the rest I just made it up as I went along. Ran out of time at the end and had to hand sew her into the blue cumberbun (I am sure that is not the technical name for it). Imagine me with a needle sewing as Mark drove. Sid was a brave soul.

Courtney played "Concerning Hobbits" from Lord of the Rings. One of our families favorite movies. Initially she was going to dress up as Legolas, because we think he is awsome. I spent weeks figuring out how I was going to get as close to this as possible...

But the week before, she decided she wanted the white dress worn by Arwen. So 20 yards of fabric later... this is what we came up with.

After the recital, our piano teacher gives a certificate to each person, and then gives special awards for those who memorized the most songs. Or for those who wrote songs during the year. Of course this perked the ears of my 8 year old Sidney. She saw the trophies and has been focused ever since.

Even though I keep telling her memorization might be the way to go, she is determined to write a song. Unfortunately Courtney has to keep telling her that that tune she is working on has already been done. Tunes that vaguely resemble London Bridges or Mary had a little lamb. She gets frustrated, but continues to plug away. Who knows... she has a great ear.

Good job Sidney and Courtney. Your parents are very proud of you.


Tiffanee said...

Lorri...these costumes are AMAZING!! You are so incredibly talented and not to mention an AMAZING MOM!!

Tiffanee said...

Oh yah and I am so coming to your house for Halloween costumes next year...HA HA!!