2011 Mutual Theme

I was just released from my stake YW calling. But my last order of business was to help out with leadership training. We made each ward a cute plaque with words specific to next years mutual theme. I actually saw a similiar idea on Etsy and attempted to contact the person to see about buying 10 sets of vinyl letter, but to no avail. So I made my own.

Save the above picture (click on picture and it till take you to a screen where you only see the words, right click and save as .jpg). Then open a word document and insert the picture you saved. Decide what size of wood plaque you are making, size and print picture out on white cardstock. Spray picture with fixative (found in the art supply section, it keeps pencil and chalk drawings from smudging). Keep can about 8 inches away and do a couple of light coats instead of one heavy. Cut picture out as a square to go on plaque.

Cut wood out (or you could use a canvas). Paint black, distress if you want. When paint is dry, apply a coat of modge podge and put picture down making sure to rub all bubbles out. Apply another coat of modge podge over the top. Let dry (takes about 20 minutes). Apply 2-3 more coats.

You can use these on plate stands for a table display. I wish I would have taken a picture of a finished one. They turned out much better than I had anticipated. Several wards are making them for their girls.


Elisabeth said...

Lorri...I love you and think you did a fabulous job in YW...Thanks for all the hard work!!! You will be greatly missed!!!

Mandy said...

THANK YOU!!! I will be passing this on to the other YW leaders in my ward, and it might become a project for the girls.

ps - I'm excited to get to see your parents on Friday! Our weather has finally cooled off (71 degrees today!) just in time for them to come. I only wish they could stay longer...or maybe that Johnny and I could afford to spend the entire summer in in WA!

Tfamily said...

Elisabeth - thank you. I loved working with you also. You always did a wonderful young women camp, but know your ward will apprecaite you in relief society.

Mandy - talked to my parents and they are headed home. I think all went well. I wish we had 71 degrees. Been rainy and cold. Maybe we should do a home swap program. We could all go there for the winter and come here for the summer :)