Christmas Cheer

We love the movie ELF.

One quote from the movie is...

"The best way to bring Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear".

As Christmas gets closer, the lines get longer, the streets become more clogged. What better time of year, to try and bring a little cheer to those around you. It is amazing how a happy attitude when dealing with sales clerks, people in line, or even people walking down the mall can make a small impact in another person life. 2 experiences recently...

My 8 year old daughter and I were standing in the vvveeeeerrrrryyyy long line at the post office. So to keep her occupied I began playing "guess the animal". One person thinks of an animal, the other person asks yes or no questions until they can figure out the animal. She was the thinker, I was the guesser. It was bigger than a car (in her mind), it wasn't vicious (in other words it wouldn't bite a person), it had fur and four legs. As I had gotten this far with my yes/no questions, the fellow in front of us turned around and asked if he could guess. We said "sure!". He said an elephant. That wasn't the animal, but the guy behind us then wanted to guess. For the next 15 minutes we had several people in line playing our fun little game.

We were picking up a prescription for my 15 year old daughter at Walgreens. Again, another llllooooonnnnnggggg line. Guess everyone gets sick around Christmas. So to bide the time, she began singing the 12 days of Christmas. She kept getting stuck on what what each day. Before to long we had several people in line trying to remember the order. One guy said he couldn't remember the traditional order since he made up his own version when he was in the army. He said it wouldn't be appropriate to share though and laughed as he walked away.

What could have been a long, boring and frustrating experience was kind of fun. Probably never see these people again, but I like to think we all left a little happier.

What can you do this holiday season to spread a little holiday cheer?

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