Where, oh where has my little dog gone?

Okay, it isn't a little dog. And technically it isn't mine... yet.

Here is the story... (sit back and grab a snack)

A woman found this dog on a road by our house. Took him to my mother's to see if she knew where he came from. Mom said no. Woman took dog home and put him in the back yard with her dogs so she could post signs. Dog escaped and went back to my mom's house, who by the way, is a sucker for animals. I get a call for help. We own a dog, have a semi fenced backyard and a kennel. I offer to keep said dog until the owner showed up. Signs posted, craigslist listed and nothing. I took him to the local vet and YEAH! He had a chip implanted.

Found out he was registered to a woman in Milton. My husband works close to there and ran by the address. The woman moved several years ago. Dead end again. The first woman who found him works for state prosecutors office and found a phone number and told me to check facebook. Contact was made with the first owner.

Sad story... they found him when he was 6 weeks old on their front door step early in the morning. They took him in and he became part of the family. Years later, woman's husband gets lung cancer and because of medical bills and loss of job, they lose their house AND the doctor says they can't keep the dog because of husband's condition. So they gave him to a "good" family in Puyallup. She doesn't remember name or address, but says husband would be devistated if he found out about their dog "Jordan". Dog has a name (even though we still call him Buddy).

Jordan is 11 years old. Average life of a dog is 12.8 years. What do we do? We already have a dog who we are now calling "Houdini" because she can escape being clipped up, the fenced backyard or any other place. Two dogs.. twice the dog hair, twice the poop scooping, finding someone to watch them when we want to go on vacation, but how do you find a "GOOD" home for an 11 year old dog? If I take him to a shelter, odds are he would be put down.

He is wonderful. Very friendly, he likes being outside instead of being inside. He politely takes food out of your hand if offered. He STAYS in the backyard and hardly ever barks.

Anyone want a nice dog. He would be a great first time dog for someone. He is good with kids :) How can you turn down this cute face?

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JaMie said...

We did the Root Beer testing for FHE tonight! Thanks for the idea (Well, I got it from The Brownell's and they got it from you:) Our #1 was Root Beer brand (Wal-Mart). Ha go figure! I was going to put a link to your blog tomorrow hope thats okay!