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You know how at certain points of your life, you feel the need to step it up or make a change. About 2 weeks ago, Mark was gone (doctoring cows in Montana no doubt) when Courtney and I happened on this fantastic makeup tutorial website, Classy Cosmetics. I think between the two of us we watched almost all the tutorials or read each post. Besides the fact I like her funny personality, she does different celebrity knock off makeup styles. She also reviews makeup products. She doesn't limit herself to high end products, many of her favorite finds you can buy from your local drugstore. So I thought I would share a few things Courtney and I have found and like.

Brushes - Just as an artist needs the right brush to paint a picture, the right brush in doing your makeup can make a world of difference. On the high end of brushes... MAC. But here is an alternative.

Disclaimer: I never thought I would be taking any type of makeup advice from a guy, but if you don't want to deal out several hundred dollars for MAC brushes, this is a great idea. I have purchased a few of the Loew Cornell and so far so good.

You made it through! Yea! Admit it, it was interesting. You actually even wrote down a few numbers and are thinking of dropping by your local Michael's with a coupon, to buy a brush. You can thank me later.

Once you have these wonderful brushes, you can't just throw them in a drawer or toss them in your makeup bag. You need something fancy like this to hold them in.

I got my glass container for under $5 at Walmart in their silk flower decorating section. I did check the dollar store, but theirs wasn't quite tall enough. Then, I needed some beads or filler to hold them. I didn't want sand (to messy).

You can get this from Michaels, which works (not sure the cost).

I bought mine at Walmart, close to the fabric section. These are bean bag filler plastic beads. Not as shiney as the above, but I did 2 jars for under $5.

Now my brushes are all ready to go on my counter by my sink. And that makes me happy.

Second -
CONTOURING- I was very intrigued by this tutorial. Maybe it is because I am getting older and finding that my face has less definition (also knows as more sag). She did it darker on purpose so you could see the difference. You of course, wouldn't do it quite as dark. Probably something you will have to play with until you like it.

Last for today -
NYX MAKEUP - One of our new favorite makeup finds. You so far can only find it at Ulta in Tukwila (or a little hair place in Kent that is only open by appointment so don't bother).
But we found a good place online to purchase it, Cherry Culture. Free shipping on purchases over $40 (and lets be honest, you can get to $40 when buying makeup very easy). They periodically have %20 off coupons, so google cherry culture coupon code before making a purchase.

Our favorites so far...

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss.

Courtney likes "sugar pie" but it is just a tad to young and pinky for me. But I do like the consistency and staying power.

Rouge Cream Blush.

I have been using the "glow" color with my new favorite brush from Target, the Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush. It is also good from cream or liquid foundations and is only $14.99.

I am waiting for a few things we ordered and am excited about trying the pushup bra eyebrow pencil. Since my eyebrows are scattywhampus.

And their powder blush. The nice thing about NYX is that it has a high pigment, which means that you don't need as much and it stays on longer.

So as soon as we get out stuff and try it out, we will give you a review.

That is all for today. But I will have other things to add in the next day or two. So stay tuned.

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