Last American Cowboy

I married a man who wears many hats. One of those is a cowboy hat. A couple of years ago, his father began "retire mode" and decided he wanted to purchase some acreage in Montana. After several visits, deals and time, my husband helped aquire over 4,000 acreas. Then this spring, can we call it that yet, Larry purchased 400 head of cattle. Now my husband spends one weekend a month going over and helping out.

We visited last summer and I will give you this, it is beautiful. Of course I haven't spent the winter there yet either. You could see deer many times driving the half and hour it takes, down gravel roads, to get to the "old farm house". While relaxing one evening, we heard a noise outside only to see several hundred head of elk come out of the hills and feed within 100 feet of the house. Once in a lifetime opportunity. I do see the draw to wanting to live there in the peace and quiet.

If you look very closely, you can see the large red barn and small white house.

Horses are one way to get around, but so are 4 wheelers, my preference so far.

When there last summer, we were invited to the 100 year celebration of one of Larry's good friends, Skip. We had chili, hot dogs and chips while being entertained with an inpromtu rodeo. Both of Skip's sons are rodeo champions and have earned full ride scholarships for their talent.

A couple of weeks ago, we were watching TV and saw the show "Last American Cowboy". We were very intrigued by the fact these farms are semi-neighbors to Larry. The Galt ranch is probably the closest. In fact one of Skip's sons has been dating the Galt's daughter. After watching them pull several calves, Courtney said she can't wait for our cows to calf out here at our house (which should start in a week or two). She is hoping to pull a calf.

I highly recommend the show. I think it is on animal planet. Here is a preview to wet your whistle.


Nicole said...

Thanks for showing pictures of the surrounding landscape! I wondered what it looked like around there! Aaah... the quiet life! Sounds good to me right now!

Tfamily said...

When I start getting stressed, I am tempted to tell mark to load the wagon up.... we are moving to Montana. There really is a draw to being away from it all.