Jordan the Dog

Well, it has been 4+ months and yes, we still have the dog. I have finally gotten connected with some groups who help find homes for older or abandoned dogs and am hoping that we might find a good home for him through these resources. One is Old Dog Haven. Don't go to their site unless you have a heart of stone, because it will melt. They specialize in dogs older than 8. The other is Cascade Animal Protection Soceity (CAPS). Once a month they go to Petco and Petsmart in Puyallup for an adoption days. So people can view some of the animals they have up for adoption. I have taken Jordan 3 times. Not my favorite thing to do, but whatcha gonna do? I have had a few inquiries and couple of peopel said they would call me later this week. Keep your fingers crossed. This is one letter I got that I thought was funny though. This was in response to one of my posts, and in it I had expressed that I promsed my husband that I would find Jordan a home before the end of May.

"first i want to to say how great you are for taking this dog in and if i didnt have 5 cats who are deathly affraid of dogs i would take him.i also have to ask...........why would you let your husband make the choice on how long to keep the keep the dog? are you a passive submissive person?why dont you be a strong woman and wear the pants and then you make the choice on how long he stays.june, july august.....until you find it a home.men should never rule the roost i know mine never will"

At least there is a little humor in the situation. There are many things I have learned though through this process. The Northwest is big on pitbull dog fighting. So people will get cheap or free dogs off craigslist and use them for bait training. I wont' go into details, but it is horrific. There are also people who abuse dogs who look for them on craigslit. I tell my husband I am sorry that I have a soft heart, but maybe that is what makes me a good mom and soft for my family :) He has been a good sport.
So here are some current pictures of Jordan playing with Sidney. Don't mind Sidney's lovely outfit. She was in her PJ's and we needed a few pictures for a lady that was interested in him. This is also where Jordan is listed on Petfinder.com through CAPS.

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Nicole said...

Thanks for the dog update! I hope you're able to find a good home for him! He looks like a nice dog- maybe Mark would change his mind? I agree about the softhearted part! And that letter was funny and very forward!