Favorite things Friday - Sunless Tanner

I am by no means and expert, but I know what I do and don't like. Between my daughter and I, we have tried out our fair share of sunless tanners. Everything from lotion to sprays.

Due to time (and cost) restraints, I am not a fan of going into a tanning place and having them spray me down with chemicals. Although I think this gives you overall the most decent even coverage. Just make sure, if you do this, go just a little darker than your natural skin color, otherwise you might walk out looking like an oompa loompa.

Case in point...

My sister shared THIS little video review of 3 spray on tanners. We tried the Sun Micro Mist, but for some reason our can sputters while spraying. You can use lotion to even things out and the color is good and the smell is great, but it is kind of a pain to make it even.

So far my all time FAVORITE has been...

Victoria Secret Beach Sexy -
Instant Self Tan location with tint (about $12)

I like the color. It has a little tint to it so you can see where you have applied it. The smell is decent. That is one of the biggest things that puts me off about self tanners... smell really bad, even after you shower. So the smell was a big plus. I usually take a shower and exofliate really well, get out and lotion really well. Then mix the self tanner about 2/3 tanner with 1/3 lotion and apply. I then use a tissue and rub gently around my toes, knees and edges of feet so that it isn't to dark there. Just don't remove to much so there are white patches. Just a gentle brush.

Hope this helps. Let me know what your favorite is (if you have one) and I will keep you updated on any new ones that I like.

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