Memory loss with age

Yesterday, I went into town to pickup groceries. Went first to QFC because they sell the plain yogurt I like and I wanted to get some slider buns for burgers tonight. Grabbed some broccoli and liquid smoke (watch realgoodrecipes.blogspot.com for a delicious pork recipe soon to come). Then I dropped by Safeway to finish, since it is my grocery store of choice and I know where everything is.

I finally get home and decide to stir fry some broccoli for lunch. I go through ALL the bags only to realize I am missing all my stuff from QFC. So I called there and sure enough... I had paid for my stuff, pushed my cart to the cart return and walked out to my car.. WITHOUT my groceries. Who does that? Thankfully, someone turned them in to customer service and I was able to go back in and pick them up.

Maybe that is why we don't have kids as we get older. I can just imagine me leaving my cute baby strapped in the cart and strolling merrily out to the car and going home. Sheesh.


Natalie and Eric said...

Awwww haha! That one made me laugh out loud!!! I have done that, but it was with my purse! I left it in the front little seat of the cart & pushed it into the cart return. Luckily I didn't get too far before I realized it & drove right back...it was still there!!!

Nicole said...

Ha ha ha! I love the way you write things and you had me laughing! I loved the last paragraph!