Favorite Things - Shampoo

Yes, I know it isn't Friday. But who wants to be confined to just one day to share favorite things!

Last summer my sister came to visit. She likes using Pureology shampoo, which can run $30 - $40 a bottle.

But since she is "in the know" she told us that recently Costco bought the rights to produce the same shampoo with their Kirkland brand. So of course we made a run to Costco where she stocked up (she doesn't have a Costco near here) and I bought one to try. I love it! It makes my hair very soft and manageable. It also works well on my color treated hair (yes, I am going gray).

Don't trust me? Check out THIS WEBSITE where it rates 4.6 out of 5 stars and has many customer reviews.

Kirkland brand is free of sulfates and has many ingredients you will find in high end brands.


Nicole said...

Thanks for the tip! At first I was thinking "Yeah, but it probably has all of the sulfates, etc. in it." but then you said that it didn't. I will definitely check it out.

Tracey and Gayle said...

I think this time I was in the know not Wendi. I guess that is ok, just give her the credit.