Favorite Things - Get rid of the scruffy heels

I have found the older I get, the more scruffy the heels of my feet have become. But unless you are willing to deal out $20-$30 a week for a pedicure, it is just one of those facts of life you have to accept. Until now!

Recently I asked my husband to bring me home some sandpaper to refinish the side door. Because of my ADD (or at least that is the excuse) I 1. still don't have a refinished door and 2. discovered a fabulous way of keeping your heels nice and smooth.

3M sanding sponges

You can pick these up at most home supply stores (think Lowes). Look in the painting aisle by the sanding refinishing stuff.

So here is how it works. In the evening before bed, get out a paper towel over which you will sand. Then rub the sanding sponge on your heels. If you do a bit every night they will stay smooth and callus free. I then rub a little lotion on them and go to bed.

I have tried the pedi egg, which works good except it has a tendency to leave your foot a little rough and the sandpaper strip included to smooth it down doesn't last very long.

These sanding sponges run only a couple of dollars and you can use all sides then run it under water to clean it up and let it dry so it is ready to be used again.

Enjoy wearing your sandals this summer without the worry of having ugly old lady feet :)

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