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My sister, Steff, sent me an invite to pinterest. It is a fun place were you have boards that you can pin things you find on the internet or things you are interested in. You know how you try and keep track of links to recipes, clothes, craft ideas and pretty soon your bookmark list is HUGE. This kind of keeps track of everything in one place. PLUS you can go check out other people's boards and follow them. Warning: it is addictive. You do need an invite to join, but I believe it is unlimited on how many you can give away. So, let me know if you are interested. In the mean time check them out.


The above link takes you to the pinterest staff favorite boards. So you can kind of get an idea of how people organize and what it looks like.

Now on to my real reason for the post, Polyvore.com, which I found through pinterest.

Polyvore is a site where people put together outfits and so you can check them out. I am not a huge shopper. I like new clothes, and I like to look nice, but I dislike spending the afternoon elbowing my way through fellow shoppers and standing in lines. Not to mention I am usually a little busy to just take an afternoon to meander around looking at fun clothes.

I also am not fantastic at putting together my own outfits. I know what I like when I see it, but putting A with B and adding a few C's to pull it all together and I would rather sit in the corner reading self help books.

So here is an example...

I have a stripped tank similar to the one above. I see this an love the long red cardigan, brown purse and fun Kohl's earrings (can you say $5?). So I can then be on the look at for items to complete this assemble.

Here is another one...

The dress is from Target for $25. Some of the accesories might be out of my price range, but I now know to keep my eye out for some fun gold flip flops and jewelry (maybe at forever 21?).
Did I mention that they have links and pricing for each of the items shown?

Then in this case, they took a look and figured out how best to re-create it with clothes from the site.

When you find someone who creates sets that you like, you can add them to your "contacts" and follow them. So you can it is easy to see whatever things they put together. You can also make comments on their collections.

You can even create your own looks and collections. There are templates and you can use their pictures or copy pictures from a website to use in your templates. You can search by price, type of clothing or color.

I still haven't figured it all out yet. But it has been fun... a time waster.... but fun. My teenage daughter even created a few outfits. Better than paper dolls :)

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